Student Assistance Program

How can this program help you stay on track?

Are you feeling anxious? 

Are you feeling stress in managing your studies? 

Are you worried about the current situation?


The Student Assistance Program provides access to a 24/7 support center.  

This tool offers several consultation services provided by specialized professionals. You will be able to receive psychological and legal support, as well as advice on your health and budget.

Telus Health Life Journey

The number and length of meetings will vary depending on the topics discussed. An experienced, graduate-level counselor will work with you to understand the issue and provide tailored support.

*Each meeting lasts approximately 60 minutes and the number of consultations is variable and depends on the clinical need in a short-term perspective. 

Telus Health web portal and mobile application

Sign up for Telus health’s free web portal and/or mobile app to access all the diverse support tools, a resource center, online consultations and more. 

Get a consultation in a few clicks

The specialists will be able to accompany and support you in your daily problems and worries.

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Create your profile


Enter the email address you wish to use to set up your account.


Enter your province.


Enter your health/dental group number 

Enter your personal identification number which corresponds to your certificate number (Student ID number).


Click on “Email me my activation link”. Then click on the link sent to your email address and complete your registration.

*The registration steps may differ slightly. You may have to select “I am eligible as a student” and “I will use my group number” before entering your identification numbers.

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