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You are automatically enrolled in a student supplemental group insurance plan through your student association. For less than $2/month you can benefit from inexpensive coverage and a host of discounts and preferential rates from our Rebate Network discount partners.

If, however, you do not wish to take advantage of these benefits, you may opt out of the plan during the coverage amendment and withdrawal period.

SLCSA provides you with travel insurance

Plan Enrollment Important Numbers Coverage Amendment and Withdrawal Period Family Coverage

Plan Enrollment

The plan enrollment fees is included on your tuition invoice. It is billed in two instalments: the first in the Fall session, the second in the Winter session. All academic fees for the current session must be paid before you can receive a reimbursement. Please note: if you maintain the plan in the fall, and are still attending school during the Winter session, you will be required to pay your plan premium, with no option for withdrawal

Travel Insurance College Admin. Fee
Sept 1st to Jan 31st
$6.25 $0.50 $6.75
Feb 1st to Aug 31st
$8.75 $0.50 $9.25
Annual Individual Total $15 $1 $16

If applicable, fees include premiums, administration fees, commissions, withholdings, and taxes that may apply to the plan.

Important Numbers

Here are some important numbers relative to your plan.

Coverage Amendment and Withdrawal Period

Any change to your plan, whether withdrawal from the plan must be made during the amendment period. This period is between August 28 and September 19 for students enrolled in the Fall session; for students newly-enrolled in the Winter session, this period is between January 28 and February 19. There is one (1) coverage amendment period per school year.

You may not opt out of the plan in the winter if you maintained it in the fall. In the event of a withdrawal, the Major Plan will reimburse the amount of your plan membership after the end of the withdrawal period.

  • Student enrolled in the Fall session

    Students enrolled in the Fall session who maintain their student status in the winter may not withdraw from the plan and must pay the related fees if they did not withdraw in the fall.

  • New student enrolled in the Winter session

    For students enrolled in the Winter session, any amendment to their plan, withdrawal from the plan or addition of dependents must be made again the following Fall session, regardless of their status in the Winter (i.e. active, amended or withdrawn coverage).

Family Coverage

You may extend plan coverage to children and/or your spouse, at any moments, providing an affordable family plan.

To do so, please complete and forward the Family Coverage form, along with the annual fees for your dependents to student@majorplan.ca a before the end of the amendment period.

Travel Insurance
Addind Dependents and Spouse
(same coverage as the policy holder)
16 $ / person

Family Coverage

Coverage Offered by

Travel: AIG Insurance Company of Canada



The coverage period is from September 1, 2020, to August 31, 2021. It is divided in two periods. In order to be eligible for both, you must maintain your student status and student association membership for both.

Fall: September 1 to January 31
Winter: February 1 to August 31

Plan coverage include a travel insurance.

Keeping your Major Plan coverage will allow you to benefit from discounts and preferential rates from partners such as Clinique Virtuelle, Énergie Cardio, Nautilus Plus and many others. Visit the Rebate Network section of our website for more details.

Rebate Network

Travel Insurance

The Travel component of the Plan offers coverage for medical emergencies abroad and travel cancellations up to $5 million.

Your policy number for Travel claims is: 9426277-008

To submit a Travel insurance claim, contact AIG Insurance Company of Canada directly at 1 877 207-5018.

Coverage is valid for trips up to 120 consecutive days. In addition, travel must take place during the current coverage period.

The Travel Passport is a reference to keep on hand when travelling. It provides easy access to important numbers in the event of an incident.

Travel Passport

Travel Coverage

Please note that students aged 70 and over are not covered by travel insurance. If you have any questions regarding travel coverage, please contact a Major Plan Client Services representative.

Coverage Offered by

Travel: AIG Insurance Company of Canada



Claims 101

To submit claim, please contact AIG Insurance Company of Canada directly at 1 877 207 5018 or by mail at assistance@globalexcel.com.

However, the Major Plan team remains available to help you with the claim process.You can contact us at 1 877 976-2567.

Ensure that your name, your student code, and your policy/group number are included in all your correspondence with AIG.

Important Numbers

Student Assistance Program

The Major Plan Student Assistance Program (SAP) provides all members of the student association, whether they are enrolled in the benefit plan or not, with access to a 24/7 support center.

For support and guidance, call the toll-free number.

Service is confidential. When speaking with SAP operators, you will be asked to provide your name, student code and the name of your student association.

For more information, or if you encounter any issues, do not hesitate to contact the Major Plan team.

Lifeworks Web Portal and Mobile Application

Register in your web portal to access various support tools, a resource centre, online counselling and more.

Web Portal

Here are your credentials, they will be useful for you to connect and create your profile:

Username: slcsa
Password: Majorplan

The LifeWorks app is also available. Download and use your SLCSA credentials to connect with your mobile device.

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Resource Center

Below, you will find useful information such as coverage contracts, limitations, and the information management policy.


Enrolment in the student supplemental group insurance plan is automatic, however, you may opt out, free of charge, during the plan’s amendment and withdrawal period.

The annual withdrawal allows you to be temporarily withdrawn from the plan during the current academic year. However, you will be reinstated automatically at the beginning of the next academic year. As a result, you will have to withdraw again, if you wish to do so, during the plan’s amendment and withdrawal period.

It is not possible to withdraw only from some components of the plan.

Opt out period:

Only students who are newly enrolled in the Winter session may withdraw during the Winter withdrawal period.
The amount of your premium will be refunded to you by Major Plan after the end of the withdrawal period.

Request for Withdrawal

Withdrawal request must be made within the prescribed time frame. You will have no other opportunity to exercise your opt-out option.

To withdraw from the Supplementary Insurance Plan, please complete and forward the Web-based form below. An email confirmation will be sent once the application has been successfully saved. Keep this email as proof of withdrawal.

Withdrawal Forms

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