Why Choose the Major Plan?

Since 2004, the Major Plan has been offering a full range of insurance plans designed to meet different needs. Currently, we serve over 200,000 members.

A Plan That Meets Your Needs

Major Plan stands out by offering an approach focused on your needs while respecting your realities. It will be our pleasure to support you in the development of your plan, without forcing you to choose a single configuration!

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Turnkey Service, with Integrity

Major Plan stands out for its desire to offer your members service with a human touch, adapted to their reality. Our team consists of customer service professionals, students, and former members of student movements.

Innovation Is at the Heart of Our Actions

Major Plan stands out through its desire to innovate in order to meet the specific needs of student association members. In Quebec, we have been forward-looking on many aspects.

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The Major Plan Offers More

Beyond the personalized turnkey service and the constant innovation, the Major Plan provides benefits to the associations with whom it collaborates that few organizations can offer.  

Major Plan stands out by directly handling the health and dental claims process on behalf of the insurance companies that you chose for your plan.

This results in many advantages, such as more flexibility on coverages, faster claims-processing service and customer service that addresses issues more easily. This also allows many of the insurance companies’ forms and restrictive rules to be eliminated.

It also facilitates insurance company changes and allows the implementation of a real self-insured plan. 

Major Plan stands out by allowing you to implement a real self-insured plan, independent of a dental and health insurance company.

Most associations with whom we collaborate chose a full coverage plan. However, many have chosen the self-insured plan for the dental and health component, allowing them to have better control over all features of their plan, therefore maximizing group benefits. 

Major Plan stands out by providing students with access to many preferential rates through partnerships with many professionals in different fields.  We have agreements with organizations of all sizes (locally and nationally). We operate in every region of Quebec.

This is a supplemental benefit to already-existing coverage, so students remain free to choose their professional. In order to obtain a reimbursement from the Major Plan, you are not obligated to consult a Rebate Network partner. 

Major Plan stands out by eliminating bad debts resulting from problems with premium collection for services that you offer with us. 

In the past, some associations have faced problems related to payment of sums collected retroactively from plan administrators other than Major Plan.

Over the years, we have developed mechanisms to help associations avoid finding themselves in bad situations. 

Major Plan Offers Different Plan Types

Our expertise and our willingness to let you to control all aspects of your plan allows us to offer you the option of choosing between all three existing plan types.

Selection of the plan type will take place after an assessment of your needs and realities. This process must be carried out by a licensed professional. Major Plan can administrate your members’ claims, no matter their plan type.

In this type of plan, the risk is borne by the insurance company and not by the association. Withholdings are property of the insurance company.

NB: Major Plan has no exclusivity agreements with any insurance company and is dedicated to working with a diversity of providers to fulfil its role as broker.

In this type of plan, the risk is borne by the insurance company and not by the association. Withholdings remain the property of the association. This type of plan is not very common among student associations.

What Is an Assistance Program?

An Assistance Program is a confidential service, administrated by duly qualified professionals, to address members’ needs. This may include a variety of support services, such as:

What Is Telemedecine?

It is an innovative service providing 24/7 access to virtual health care via a mobile app.

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