The Major Plan  is a division of the Major Group that offers expert consulting services, as well as acting as a plan administrator to students associations. Offering an honest, transparent and personal service is our top priority.  

In 2003, the verification team of a student association called upon our consulting expertise, and we realized that doing things differently can save students money and allow them to exercise better control over their Plan. Driving our actions and our approach is the desire to constantly improve the integrity of Group Insurance Plans management for the benefit of students.

We place great importance on providing students Group Insurance Plans that respect their financial means with coverage that is adapted to their needs. We have developed a unique approach and practices are based on respect, efficiency, collaboration and transparency.

Our solution is more effective, more dynamic, more transparent and more affordable than our competitor's. For example, the AGE-UQTR has saved $300 000 avery year since choosing Major Plan in 2009. Another association, the AGECAR, was able to address many long-standing problems with its Group Insurance Plan after starting a partnership with Major Plan.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be pleased to answer any questions you might have.  


The Major Plan team