Opt out

You are automatically enrolled in a student supplementary group insurance plan. However, you can opt out of this plan at no charge if you make this withdrawal during the opting out period. You have to pay the fees related to your plan whether you want to opt out or not. You will be reimburse within two weeks following the end of the opting out period.

Your certificate number is your student number.

The withdrawal offered to you allows you to be temporarily withdrawn from the plan during the current year. However, you will be automatically reinstated at the beginning of the next academic year. This means you will have to opt out again, if you wish, during the opting out period.

If you wish to opt out of the Plan, you must make the changes, through this tab of Plan Major, between September 1st to September 20th, for the fall session, and between February 1st to February 20st for new students starting in the winter session.

Amendment Period.PNG

If you opt for a refund by bank transfer, it is your responsibility to provide accurate information. The Major Group is not liable for any errors.

 Opt out.PNG

Please note that if you provide your bank account details, you will avoid a $ 6 fee that would be deducted from your total refund to offset the costs of issuing a check.