Family Coverage

Above being able to benefit from an affordable coverage, you may have your family benefit also upon paying an additional premium. Indeed, it is possible to modify some of your coverage elements by adding your spouse or your children. These dependents must meet the same admissibility criteria concerning their health status.  To do so, you must extend your coverage to these persons, considered as dependents.  This may be done before your departure or during your stay in Canada. 

At all times, you can forward a letter to add dependents, including the following information for each person you want to add:

  • First and last name
  • Gender
  • Birth date
  • Relationship with insured student

Also a proof of cohabitation or a marriage certificate must be included when you add a spouse, and a copy of the birth certificate when you add a child. You must forward this by email to the following email address:

*The spouse is the person with whom you are legally married or that lives with you in a common-law relationship since at least 12 months. 

** The child either lives with you, is financially dependent of you and is aged from 15 days to 21 years or less.