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Insurance for international students in Canada

As a member of the Africans' League of Canada, you can profit from the benefits of the International student insurance of Allianz Global Assistance (hereinafter referred to as "AGA") through Major Plan that will cover you during your stay in Canada. It acts as a health insurance policy in the same way as the insurance offered by Desjardins at the cheapest price on the market. 

You will need to register for the insurance by sending us an Application for Insurance Registration prior to your arrival in Canada. It is important that you ensure beforehand that you are admissible. This plan allows you to benefit from the complete insurance coverage including the dental, health, vision, travel and accident insurance. Your plan also offers additional benefits through the Major Plan Rebate Network

Your insurance coverage will start on the later of the date indicated as the effective date on your confirmation of coverage, which should correspond to the date of your arrival in Canada. The coverage period ends at the earliest of : 

  • the due date shown on your confirmation of coverage corresponding to your date of departure from Canada and your return to your country of origin;
  • The date you become insured under a canadian public health insurance plan. 


The enrolment cost for the plan is invoiced according to the study period of your stay in Canada. This cost is determined either by an annual rate or by a daily rate. The period of coverage may not exceed 365 days. The payment of the premium must be made in a single payment and must be made to the Major Plan. 

You can also change some of your elements of your coverage by adding your spouse or children for an additional premium. This change can be done before your departure or during your stay in Canada. For additional information regarding the terms and conditions, please refer to the Amendment coverage. 

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Those informations are provided for indication purposes only. At all times, the contract terms shall prevail. 

*The spouse and each dependent must be insured under the same plan option and on the same policy as the admissible student and must live under the same roof as the admissible student. 

** The minimum premium must be $ 30 per entry.

Educational support service

The international student insurance also protects your academic progress if, as a result of illness or injury and your doctor anticipates that you will be hospitalized for more than 30 days. You can therefore benefit from a pedagogical assistance service offered by a qualified tutor and organized by your school. 

Tutorial ALC.PNGThose informations are provided for indication purposes only. At all times, the contract terms shall prevail. 

* Please note that the information on our website is for indication purposes only and is intended to provide you with an overview of the benefits of insurance. It is strongly recommended that you refer to your insurance policy for more information. At any time, the contract terms shall prevail.