Travel insurance plan


This form is for students who have withdrawn from the coverage for the current academic year and wish to reinstate the travel insurance. By reinstating, you will benefit from the same travel insurance as students enrolled in your student association’s plan. Thus, the travel insurance will be effective for the remainder of the current academic year. You can consult the details of the travel insurance and the Network Discount on our website at


IMPORTANT : To reinstate the travel insurance, you must send this form, along with your payment to Please note that a delay of 7 business days applies for the activation of the coverage following the reception of the payment and the form. It is your responsibility to anticipate this delay. Please note that the acceptance of your reinstitution is not automatic, Major Plan will analyze your request. Please contact Major Plan for more information and to find out the cost of the contribution.

Cost of contribution = Annual contribution to your association’s plan (health, accident and travel)

2 payment options available (the contribution must be paid in one (1) payment)

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