International Student


This form allows international students to enroll in the Plan Major supplemental health coverage. The addition of this coverage is done during the modification period. In the winter session, the addition of health coverage is only available to newly enrolled students. If the member loses his or her student status, the coverage will be cancelled without refund.

IMPORTANT: In order to receive coverage, please forward this form, along with your payment to the Plan Major customer service team. Be sure to include all supporting documents necessary to evaluate your file (statement of account and other documents). If the supporting documentation is not received by the end of the amendment period, your request may be denied. Also, be sure to contact Plan Major to find out the cost of the contribution that applies to your situation.
Please note that acceptance of your application for coverage is not automatic, Plan Major evaluates each request individually.

Contribution cost = Annual contribution to your association’s plan (health, accident and travel components)

Procedure :

1. Complete and sign the form.
2. Send the form to
3. Our team will then analyze your application and contact you within 5 working days. Please wait for confirmation from a member of our
team as to the amount of the membership fee to be paid, and the payment terms and conditions.
4. Once payment has been made, an e-mail confirmation will be sent to you within 7 working days, confirming that your application
has been registered. Keep this e-mail.

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