Because Major Plan has been providing expert consulting, brokerage and Group Insurance Plan administration services to students associations since 2003.

Because Major Plan is a key player in the implementation and management of Group Insurance Plans for students. Major Plan provides coverage to more than 45,000 students annually through their respective student associations.

Because Major Plan can rely on the expertise of Major Group. Since 1996, Major Group has been developing leading-edge implementation, management and advisory expertise relative to Group Insurance Plans. Major Groups's clients include national unions, large employers and municipalities.

Because we take great pride in offering transparent and personalized service at all times.

Because Major Plan is constantly working to enhance its services by introducing new methods and tools to make plans even more transparent as well as provide more leverage to local decision-makers.

Because Major Plan strives to offer services that are well-adapted to the needs of students and their associations.  We deem it essential to work in partnership with associations and to have an in-depth-understanding of the local and institutional  realities.

We also firmly believe that it is our responsability to provide students with all the necessary tools to understand their plan. We enable this by adopting a proactive and accountable approach, in order to provide students leaders with all the answers related to the Group Insurance Plan.

Our practices have proven to be successful; as demonstratted by the following examples: 

  • The AGEUQTR saved almost $300,000 after becoming a Major Plan client in 2009.
  • The AGECAR saved more than 20% of their annual premium since doing business with Major Plan, as well as adressing long-standing problematic issues with their former plan.

Considering that premiums-in a student Group Insurance Plan are generally 2 to 3 times lower than those of an employee plan, there are real financial benefits to have access to this kind of coverage.