To make a claim for a service that is covered by your Allianz Global Assistance insurance plan, offered through Major Plan, during your stay in Canada, you will have to contact by phone the AZGA Claim Department, so they can send you a claim form by email. It is important to note that, after having filled out and signed the claim request’ form, you attach the original of your invoices or receipts for treatments or services rendered by accredited professionals or institutions

You may send your claims requests by mail at the following address: 

Allianz Global Assistance Claims Department

2100 - 250 Yonge Street

Toronto (Ontario) Canada

M5B 2L7

You may also forward your claims requests by fax at 519-742-9471 .

The claims requests must be done within 30 days after the event, the service or purchase. The proof of accident must follow within 90 days from the event. 

To receive additional information on your claims request or to check the status of your request, please contact the Allianz Global Assistance Center: 

  • Collect calls from all over the world: 416-340-8809
  • Toll free calls from Canada and United States: 1-800-869-6747
  • Email:


Medical emergency and hospital and treatments

For all claims requests for hospital and medical emergency treatments, you must attach the claim form, filled out and signed, with all original receipts and invoices of accredited professionals or institutions. Please also enclose: 

  • The relevant medical records, including the emergency room report as well as the diagnosis from a medical institution or a certificate filled out by the attending physician. 
  • All other document requested by AZGA

For physiotherapy treatment claims, you must provide a recommendation letter from your attending physician.


Medical Emergency

For all medical emergencies, it is mandatory that you contact AZGA Emergency Assistance Center within 24 hours following the hospital admission or before any surgery.

If you neglect to do so without reasonable cause, AZGA will only pay 80% of the admissible benefits of your claim request and the balance of 20% of the benefits admissible will be your sole responsibility.

  • Toll free from Canada and United States: 1-800-995-1662
  • Toll free from all over the world : 00-800-842-08420 or country code + 800-842-08420

*** Please note that :

  • An incomplete form will lead to delays
  • The costs incurred in your home country will not be reimbursed
  • The insurance plan includes some exclusions regarding the pre-existing health status


* Please note that the content of our website is for information only and is intended to provide you with an overview of the insurance's benefits. It is strongly recommended that you refer to your insurance policy for more information. At all times, the contract's terms shall prevail.