Your policy number for health care claims is : 55283

Through the student plan, you will be able to benefit from  a wide variety of health services not covered by the RAMQ.

Prescription  drugs are not included in this student plan.

-       International students must also adhere to a prescription drug plan;
-       If you are not covered by the RAMQ, this student plan does not replace the prescription drug plan now requested by the Quebec Government in replacement of the RAMQ.

 It is important that the professional you choose be a member of a recognized  professional association.    The professional health provider should be able to  provide you with his or her  proper ID or member number.

Please see the table below for more information on your coverage.


 The information in this table is for your guidance only, the contract clauses prevail.

 *** Please note that:

  • You must forward us a prescription each time you submit a physiotherapy claim.