If you permanently opted-out from your insurance at an earlier time, and would like to once again take advantage of your student insurance plan, you may do so under certain conditions. You must first fill out the Reinstatement Form and provide us with  proof of the loss of your previous insurance, to avoid a surcharge.

You will have to reinstate directly through Major Plan every year if you wish to benefit from the coverage.  Your enrolment will not be automatic after your first reinstatement.  However, if you reinstate the insurance many consecutive years, you will not have to pay the surcharge again.  Please note although that if you do reinstate many times for non-consecutive years, it may be possible that the surcharge will be applied unless you are able to provide Major Plan a proof of loss of your insurance in the 90 days following the loss of your insurance.

Please note that you need to send us this proof in the 90 days following the loss of your insurance. Failure to do so will result in the proof losing its validity.

However, if you chose to withdraw on an annual basis, you will not need to go through this process, since you will be automatically entered back into the program the following year, if you are still a student.

In summary, if you  previously permanently withdrew and now want to reinstate the insurance plan, you must  provide Major Plan with the following:

  • The form duly completed,
  • Proof of the coverage loss, 
  • Your payment by cheque or bank transfer, 
  • All this during the Amendment Period of your plan. 

You can send your form by email, in the same way you would for a  claim.  However, you must sent it to the following address :


Bouton Reinstatement ENT.jpg

Please note that if you lose your student status, you will also lose your coverage without the possibility of refund.