International Students

Please note that this plan does not correspond to the mandatory basic insurance for international students.

International students are automatically registered to the plan, but only for the Dental coverage.  The Health coverage may be added as an option.  This option is only available for a whole year.

However, unlike other students, international students must make such a request by filling out the form Add Health Option: International Health, during the period for the plan.  International students will have to send their payment for the health coverage directly to Major Plan during the opting-out and amendment period. 

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It is also possible, for international students, to withdraw from the Dental coverage just like the other students.  To do so, they must follow the same process as the other students by filling out, during the amendment period, Opt-out and Amendment Form (See Opting-out tab).

The international student may extend his coverage to his spouse and/or children.  Please note that you cannot offer these dependants a different coverage than your coverage.  To add a dependant, you must fill out and send, in the required deadlines, the Family Coverage Form .  You may also visit  the Amendment Period Tab. 

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