Your insurance plan

Please note that your plan information has been updated for the year 2018-2019.

For less than $25/month you can claim annually more than $7000 exclusive of your travel coverage of $5 000 000 as well as our Network Rebate

Through your student association, you are automatically registered in our group insurance plan.  The plan allows you to benefit from an advantageous insurance including health services, dental, vision care, travel and accident.  Please note that your certificate number corresponds to your TELUQ student number (8 digits code).

Carefully read this page completely, as your AETELUQ coverage and adhesion terms are quite specific.

Your coverage period consist of 4 consecutive months and starts following of two scenarios based on your course registration.


You can also benefit from additional benefits through Plan Major Network Rebate.

If in doubt as to whether or not a service or treatment is covered, we recommend you send us a request by email (

To submit a claim, you will need the following policy numbers:

Numero important.png

Once your tuition fees are fully paid, you will be able to submit claims under the plan.  You can also submit claims retroactively, up to one year (365 days) after the service was provided.  However, it is recommended that you submit your claims promptly.

If you do not wish to be covered by the insurance plan, you can opt-out from the plan by removing the check box at the “insurance line” on your invoice, which appears before the conclusion of the payment of your institutional fees.  There will be no other time to opt-out.

Please note

If you decide to keep the insurance and you register to another course within two months before the end of your coverage, you will necessarily be registered again to the plan.  This automatic plan coverage may occurr a maximum of 2 times, after which the adhesion to the plan becomes optional again.

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By paying the family premium, you can add unlimited children.