Why do I need insurance?

Major Plan act as an expert consultant, insurance broker and student plan administrator, which is why your student association has chosen to collaborate with us. Our primary objective is to offer students a plan that is both affordable and tailored to their needs. We offer a personalized and straightforward service.  We believe it is our responsibility to make available the best tools, so that students can have a better understanding of their benefits.

The decision to provide a group insurance plan for students is  easy to understand. Individual costs within a group plan are much lower than for a comparable individual coverage, and even more so in the case of this insured population. There are many reasons why this is the case, but below are just a few :

  • The large number of plan participants allows for the negotiation of better prices.
  • The average age of plan participants is low, and they are therefore relatively healthy.
  • The volume of claims remains relatively stable from year to year.